How to Hide and Unhide Products in Menu

Products in the menu can be set to hide or display in the app menu

A product in a menu can be set to either display or be hidden in the app menu by setting the 'Hidden' flag in the menu.


Hiding a Product

1. Log into Chewzie Backoffice.


2. Navigate to 'Web Ordering', then select 'Menus'.


3. Click on the menu to edit.


4. Select the category under 'Category Name' where the product is listed in.


5. Under the 'Hidden' column, click on the checkbox of the product to be hidden, then click 'Save Menu'.

This hides the product from being displayed in the app menu.

IMPORTANT. If the same product is displayed in multiple categories in the menu, the product will STILL be displayed in those categories. Make sure to hide the item in all categories where it is listed by following the same steps above.


Unhiding a Product

1. To unhide a product in the menu, follow Steps 1 to 4 above and uncheck the 'Hidden' flag against the product, then click on 'Save Menu'

This unhides the product from the menu and will be displayed in the menu in the app. Similarly, you have to apply the same steps to all categories where the item is listed to unhide it in those categories as well.

Note: If a product is required only to be hidden at a certain time of day/day of the week, then a menu period should be configured for the product. This will save you time from manually hiding/unhiding the product.

Refer how to configure menu periods here: Set menu period