How to set Menu Periods

How to set Menu Periods For when menu items can only be ordered during specific service periods. For example separating breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

  1. Go to Web Ordering > App Settings

2. Go to ‘Menu period’, click add new

3. Give a unique name that will identify the service period for the Period Name.

4. Enter the corresponding start and ending times for this period, and uncheck the days that do not apply for this period.

5. Click Save App to save your changes.

6. Next, navigate to the menu item that you want to appear in that menu period. Go to Web Ordering > Menu > Select Your Menu

7. Click on the icon next to "Edit Menu Items" in the top right hand corner to open the options menu and select "Assign Menu Periods".

8. Select the products you wish to assign the Menu Period to and select the specific Menu Period from the drop down menu on the right hand side. Select the "Assign Menu Period" button in the bottom right hand corner and then save your menu.

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