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Product Management via Doshii Overview

Overview on where various tasks are performed

The below table summarises the various tasks and where these need to be performed.





Add products




Change product prices



Add / Edit / Review product descriptions



Create an online menu



Assign extras / modifiers to products*



Add a min and max to a modifier



Add photos to products



Create specials and discounts



Manage store opening hours**



Size groups (only works with separate product items not with product modifiers)



Void a transaction (needs to be voided in the POS and Chewzie)


Marking a product as out of stock



*Extras, variants and modifiers need to be added in the POS and associated to a product. Some POS systems may send these modifiers as separate products with separate product IDs. In this case, the extras can be curated through Chewzie Backoffice.

**Please note that store hours in Doshii and Chewzie have to match. To check your store hours in Doshii, please click on the Clock symbol in your Doshii Venue Dashboard. To amend store hours in Chewzie, please click here.

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