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Pricing and promotion schedules

Pricing adjustments such as specials, mix and match, deals, and surcharges can be scheduled to apply automatically

Schedules define time periods where a pricing rule or promotion will apply. Schedules can be configured for Specials, Mix and Match, Surcharges, Deals, and Promos. The approach to configure a schedule is the same across all of these.

The various schedules are configured in Chewzie Back Office by navigating to:

Pricing > Special Schedules

Pricing > Mix And Match Schedules

Pricing > Surcharge Schedules

Promotions > Deal Schedules

Promotions > Web Ordering Promo Schedules

Basic Schedules

In it's most basic form, a schedule can be configured to start and finish at a set date/time. This is useful for a once off event.

Reoccurring Schedules

Active and inactive time periods can be configured to define when a schedule will run. They are added by pressing the "Add Period" buttons.

The following periods are available:

Multiple periods can be added to form scheduling rules. This is a powerful feature that allows fine tuning when a promo should apply. For example, the below schedule will apply every Tuesday in Summer for the evening trade, except for Christmas day.

Named Referenced Schedules

Schedules can be created and reused across different pricing and promotions. This is recommended if the schedule is reoccurring or if multiple promos or pricing rules apply in the same period. Some examples may include "School Holidays", "Happy Hour", etc.

This is configured by changing the "Schedule Type" to "Referenced":

Select an existing schedule from the "Referenced Schedule" selection:

If a schedule is not found then a new schedule can be created by pressing the "plus" icon:

A dialog will open allowing a named schedule to be created. It is recommended to give the schedule a name that represents the time period itself, not the promo that the schedule is being attached to.

Schedules can be viewed and managed under Settings > Schedules


  • Referenced Schedules are typically preferred over standard schedules since they can be reused.

  • Standard Schedules are useful for once off events.

  • If the date/time of a Referenced Schedule is updated, then all promos and pricing rules referencing the schedule will use the new date/time. E.g. a School Holidays schedule can be updated to reflect the next year's holiday period without needing to change the promos.

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