How to mark a product as out of stock

Once products are sold out, they can be marked as out of stock to prevent them from being ordered.

Step 1: Click on Sales and Operations > Menu Item Availability

Or select the Item Availability shortcut from the dashboard

Step 2: Search for your product using the search criteria at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Mark the item as Sold Out

The following options are available for setting the availability status:

  • Available: The item is available on the menu for sale
  • Sold Out Today: The item is marked as "sold out" today, but will automatically be marked as available the next day.
  • Unavailable: The item remains "sold out" until manually marked as "available".

Note: If marked as "Unavailable", once the item is back in stock you will need to remember to set as "Available" again.



  • Items that are commonly out of stock can be "pinned" to the top of the list for quick access.

  • Menu categories can be searched, including "Extra Items".

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