Updating product images

Your chewzie system will come pre-installed with stock images. You are able to update these via chewzie back office.

There are two ways to assign product images:

  1. Individually with your own photos (best for food items)

  2. In bulk with the Chewzie database of stock images (best for beverages)

Option 1: Individual Photos

  1. Go to Chewzie Back Office > Web Ordering > Menus and select your menu.

2. Select the category that the product line is located in

3. Click on the image that you would like to replace

The image will then magnify, click on the image again to select the new file

Repeat these steps, and click Save Menu when you have completed all of your changes.

Option 2: Bulk Assigning of Images

  1. When you open up your menu, select the icon next to “Edit Menu Items” to open the options menu and click on “Assign Images".

2. This will open up the Chewzie stock image database, where you can search for images to suit your items. Select the image you want, and then click on "Assign Images" and save your menu.

3. Additionally, you can select the "+" icon next to the search bar to add your own images and assign tags. These tags allow you to easily find images when using the "Assign Images" function.

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