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Promoted Categories

Categories can be promoted to highlight a current active promotion.  Promoted categories will always appear at the top of the menu.

How to setup Promoted Categories 

Step 1.

Log in to your back office

Step 2.

Go to Promotions

Step 3.

Click on App Promos

Step 4.

To add a new promoted category, click

There are many fields here, but luckily we don't need to fill them all in.

The fields required are:

  • Promo Name
  • Promoted Products  (these are the products we want in the promoted category)
  • Start & End Date
  • Promoted Category Name

Display Options

There are a lot of configuration options, but selecting the 3 tick boxes below will set the product banner correctly. 


If you would like an image to be displayed as part of the menu heading, then add the image to the Promoted category Image Box.

Step 5.

Click 'Add Promo'


  • If this promoted category needs to be visible at only certain times, then a schedule will need to be created.
  • If this product also needs a price promotion, then a special and special schedule will also need to be configured.