Product Size Groups

Product size groups are used to consolidate a menu, and to provide the user a simple way to switch between different sizes.

There are a few requirements in order to setup the product size group feature.

  1. A product

  2. A size group

Step 1 - Setup your product lines

As an example, a coffee can have 3 sizes, Small, Regular, and Large.

Please see this link to setup a new product line.

Step 2 - Create a Size Group

Size groups are located in Catalogue > Size Groups

Click 'Add Size Group'

Then give the size group a name, and add the different size options.

Click 'Add Size Group' once all sizes are added.

Step 3 - Add the product lines to the menu

Go to Web Ordering > Menus and select your menu

Click on the Menu Category you want to place the Cappuccino in.

Click Add Existing > Product Lines

Select the Cappuccino

Step 4 - Apply Sizes

Now that you have your products set up in your menu, it's time to create the sizes.

Select the icon next to “Edit Menu Items” to open the options menu.

Select “Apply Sizes”.

Select each product you wish to apply the size group to.

Fill out the options on the right hand side of the screen, including the size group you wish to apply to the product and the prices of each size.

Note - “Size of Selected Menu Items” and “Size to Show on Menu” ensure the standard product size is reflected on the ordering website. This is the standard size prompted to customers when they select an item.

Once you’re happy with the selection, click “Done” and then “Save Menu”.

Step 5 - Alter Display Names

Chewzie automatically assigns the name of the product size to the ordering website.

However if you wish to change the way a product is displayed, go to Web Ordering > Menu and change the name under the heading “Display As”.

Save your menu.

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