How to setup the Chewzie App with Multiple Membership Types

The Chewzie app can be configured to support multiple membership types.

If a membership type is not configured in the app then when the app user attempts to login through app, a new member is created with default membership type. To avoid duplicated member registration configure the app to support multiple membership types:

1. Login to the Chewzie backoffice

2. Navigate to 'Customers' > Membership Types

3. Create required membership types (e.g. 'Venue Staff' , 'VIP') 

4. Navigate to 'Web Ordering' > App Settings

5. Add membership types added in step3 under 'Allowed Membership types'

6. Set default type for a membership type where all the app registered members should be linked to (e.g. 'Web Ordering Members' in this example)

7. For staff members to avail the staff perks, the membership type has to be changed accordingly in Chewzie backoffice since all members registered through app are linked with default membership type (e.g. 'Web Ordering Members' in this example)

8. Similarly for 'VIP' members, the membership type has to be changed to 'VIP' membership type in Chewzie backoffice.


9. Members can also be created from Chewzie backoffice and corresponding membership type can be assigned. The user can then proceed to login through the app and set a password to get member access.