How to get your sales figures

This article will show you where to get your sales figures from the Chewzie back office

With Chewzie, each sale is recorded in real-time and is able to be reported on via the Chewzie back office link. To view a summary total for all payments processed through Chewzie, we use the Sales by Payment Type Summary Report. These steps will apply for both Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone. The steps are all identical, but the screens may differ slightly to accommodate the different form factor of the device.

The back office link will be{your business}

1 . Login to Chewzie back office

2. Once logged in, click on the Reporting Menu icon

3. Then Select Sales By Payment Type

4. Select the relevant reporting period (e.g today, or yesterday)

5. Click Request Report, and wait for the PDF File to download. Once the file is available, you can open the file to view the report.

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