How to access a Tax Invoice from the Chewzie App

Access a tax invoice for orders from the Chewzie app.

From the Chewzie app, the tax invoice can be obtained from the payment confirmation screen by clicking on the link 'Email Tax Invoice' and entering the email.

Guest users: The tax invoice can be requested from the member screen within 24 hours of the order being placed. If outside of this period, you can request the tax invoice directly from the venue.

Navigate to the member screen by clicking on 'Your [Venue]' from the menu screen.

Click on 'View details' option against the recent order

Click on 'Email tax invoice' and enter email to get the tax invoice via email.

Member Users: Tax invoice can be requested from 'Order History' from the member profile.

  1. Login as member.
  2. Click the 'Profile' option in the footer.
  3. Click on 'Your Orders' option and click 'Email Tax Invoice' option for the corresponding sale and then confirm the email. 

Note: Failing to get tax invoice email please contact venue to get the tax invoice.

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