How to add PLU to an Item

Adding PLU to products and composite products

PLU (Product Look-Up) codes are often used as a unique identifier for a product line in a POS system. It can be useful to configure a PLU on a Product Line so it can be cross-checked against products configured in the POS regardless of what name is configured. PLU codes are provided by your POS providers

There are 2 ways to add a PLU code: via Catalogue or Web Ordering.

Adding PLU codes via Catalogue

1. Log into the Chewzie BackOffice.

2. Navigate to 'Catalogue' > 'Product Lines'.

3. Click on the product that will have a PLU code added. 

4. Enter the value in 'PLU' field, then click 'Save Product'.

PLU can also be added to the composite product.

1. Navigate to 'Catalogue' > 'Composite Products'.

2. Click on the composite product that will have a PLU code added.

3. Enter the value in the 'PLU' field, then click 'Save Product'.

Adding PLU codes via Web Ordering

1. Log into the Chewzie BackOffice

2. Navigate to 'Web ordering' > 'Menus'. 

3. Select and click the menu to be edited. 

4. Select product from the Menu Item list by selecting the Category and clicking on the product.

5. Enter the PLU value in the product line pop-up, then click 'Save Product'.

6. Save menu.