How Group Order Works For Your Venue

Let customers create a Group Order to easily pay for multiple orders

Customers can create a Group Order after accessing your menu through the beacon and selecting the 'Group Order' button. From there, they enter can their name and anyone who uses a beacon on the same table will be able to order from the host.

Once the Group Order has been created, other participants can select menu items and add them to the host's Group Order. The Host can preview and remove any members who have contributed to the order.

When the host goes to finalise the order and pay, they can see an itemised list of all the products that have been added to the group order and can decline certain items from the order.

After the host has confirmed the participants and items allowed on the Group Order and has paid, one order will be sent to the venue.

More than one Group Order can be linked to the same beacon if multiple people wish to create one.


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