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Featured Product Promotions

Products can be featured with a variety of Tags to make the products stand out from the menu.

How to setup  Featured Product Promotions

Step 1.

Login to your back office.


Step 2.

On the left hand menu, click 'Promotions'

Step 3.

Click on 'App Promos'

To add a new featured product promotion, click

There are many fields here, but luckily we don't need to fill them all in.

The fields required are:

  • Promo Name
  • Promoted Products  (these are the product we want to tag)
  • Start & End Date

Display Options

There are a lot of configuration options, but ensuring the tick box below will set the promotion to work correctly.


The only field we need to fill out here is the name of the Tag that we want to display.


Step 4.

Click 'Add Promo'