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Docket Printers

Docket Printers are where the printing rules are configured. It links a physical printer to the printing rules, e.g. drinks print in the bar, and food prints in the kitchen.

It is important to ensure that all Chewzie products will print somewhere. It is recommended to choose a printer to be the default printer, which will print any products that do not match a printing rule.
Either a Docket Printer and/or Kitchen Display needs to be configured for each Chewzie instance, otherwise the store will appear as offline.
The product filtering is mainly controlled by the "Product Types" which are tagged on all the items in the menu. It is important to check that the products are tagged correctly, otherwise they could print in the wrong location.
The same printer rules can be used for multiple stores.
The Merge Table Order Dockets indicates that the docket merging rules should be respected. This typically holds the dockets back for 3-5 mins and merges any additional dockets that arrive for the same table. Note: This is usually disabled for Drinks.
These settings change how the docket will appear and typically are adjusted based on the kitchen preference.
The item grouping allows the same products to be combined with "2 x item name" instead of listing the items individually.
The Smart Docket Queue enables flood control for the kitchen.

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