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Banner Product Promotions

Banner Product Promotions allow a product to be sold and ordered via the Menu banner.

How to set up Banner Product Promotions

This is configured in the Chewzie back office


Step 1.

Login to your back office.


Step 2.

On the left hand menu, click 'Promotions'

Step 3.

Click on 'App Promos'

Step 4.

To add a new banner product promotion, click

There are many fields here, but luckily we don't need to fill them all in.

The fields required are:

  • Promo Name
  • Promoted Product  (this is the product we want to promote)
  • Start & End Date

Display Options

There are a lot of configuration options, but selecting the 3 tick boxes below will set the product banner correctly. 


Depending on the image you are using (if any) this will dictate which tick boxes are required in the content section.  If there is no image or a generic image, then adding a title, and allowing to show the promo title is recommended.  In our example, all of the text is included in the image, so we do not need to display additional information over the top of the image.

Step 5.

Click 'Add Promo'


Note - If this product also needs a price promotion, then a special and special schedule will also need to be configured.